Since I haven’t made it abundantly clear by this point, I went on an intersession with OU to Rio de Janeiro this winter break! The past three posts, this one, and several more are my daily journal entries I had to keep for a portion of the class. Some are a bit silly, but towards the end I definitely forgot that I was only expected to comment about what I did every day. I put a lot more thought into some of them than I was anticipating to, so after realizing that and hearing from the spectacular Jaci Gandenberger that I actually have a follower!! for this blog, I will post them all with all of their exhausted, rambled, honest, and unedited glory.

Thanks for the support, Jaci!

(journals continued…)


I’m loving not just this trip, but these people.

I’m chilling in the girls’ room—this is utterly hilarious. We’ve discussed everything from acne and the effects of Accutane to abortions, “bubble-but” chins, cracked nipples from breastfeeding, drugs (including acid, meth, marijuana), ugly-ish puppies, Americans’ binge drinking problem among youth, privilege on OU’s campus, our favorite snacks, how to “measure the weight of your boobs” by either weighing them on a scale or by calculating their displacement in water, Zumba versus martial arts, and surprisingly many, many other things. Lilly just added how she once had a drunk friend pepper-spray and tase him several times over. We are now back on the topic of boobs. Can you tell we are a bunch of college girls? Then Kelsie just chimed in on how John commented on how refreshed she look by splashing water on her face. Haha! And how we don’t have class during Dead Week this year?! Is this real life?! We’ve moved onto our boyfriends and how we all met our loves. I told the cliché story about how I somehow ended up being homecoming queen and my escort asked me to be his girlfriend the next day. I even included how one of my best friends was head-over-heals for him for three years but he started liking me—that definitely ushered some, “You’re that girl!” Parker found out through casual conversation that he considered her his…

GUNSHOT? The first thing that shot through my head was We need to go to Erika’s! We need our emergency meeting spot!! I went downstairs with Madison to scope out the scene. We first knocked on the boys’ room door—no answer. Maybe they were asleep? No! They were all downstairs, maybe drinking, but totes having good-ole boy fun. They were hanging out on the patio, like nothing happened at all! We rushed out wondering what they saw, they must have seen it firsthand! But it was, interestingly, just a firework. They said it must have been that instead of a gunshot because of all the smoke. I could smell it in the air. We could have sworn that it was a gun, though! I guess that’s something that I got very sensitized to about that certain side of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil I read and learned the most about. The others must have, too, because that’s the first thing they all thought. We froze, except for Lilly who immediately peaked her head out the window to check it out!

Back to our girls’ room shenanigans. Last night was our warm up. First my book got slung-shot around up to Kelsie’s triple-decked bunk bed. Unfortunately, she missed her catch and the book went flying down three tiers of beds into the abyss underneath Lyssa’s bottom bunk. We all had just a hoot-and-a-half trying to figure out ways to retrieve it. First I photographed the scene underneath the bed to conceptualize the scene of the crime. We found a disgusting and discarded pair of camo pants…and my book on top of it! Lyssa tried to shove her arm behind the bed, then I did, then we whipped out the Rwandan parasite arms to slide into the tiny crack. But no luck! So then Lyssa and I ripped out (don’t tell the hostel people) a drawer and we still couldn’t reach it. At this point the whole crew became involved. Madison contributed her selfie stick to add the extra stretch we needed to reach it all the way back against the way. Once Lyssa successfully retrieved it, we found out it was covered with some mystery white dust. Someone immediately shouted out Cocaine! That definitely made me laugh. After double-dog-daring someone to try to taste it, I wiped off the drug-like substance and proudly handed it over to Kelsie. And that was just the start of our bunk bed struggles, I think two phone got dropped down there, too!

But anyway, today was a pretty darn fun day. It started out with heading to the beach this morning with Emily. She took a lap and a half from the 11 kilometer marker with the faded Brazilian flags down to the OU office…

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