In my class for GEF, Becoming Globally Engaged, we are having our last hoorah. After a semester of overly-excited conversations about how not to be a tourist, bonding over our love for our fearless leader, Jaci Gandenberger (she is fearless because she wrangles us buffoons for her job), and just figuring out that we’ll somehow make it in this world, the time finally came for the cherry on top–our digital stories!

For BGE, our biggest project for the semester was to compose a digital story, only a few minutes in length, that was to be shared with the class. However, I am honestly not too terribly sure what they were suppose have been about… All I remember is that I had an idea an ran with it!

So, as previously mentioned in other posts, my grandmother, Maureen (Mo for short), is a one kick-butt, adventuresome, dignified lady. She has taken everything that has come her way by the horns and fought for the life she has today. Just to illustrate that, for this project I asked her whether she had any pictures I could use for this video. I showed up at her house and found dozens of photo books and thousands of pictures from the incredible life she has documented since she was a teenager leaving England for North America. I figured out where I got my knack for photography, too–she took almost all of photos herself!

I chose to begin this video featuring Mo because she has influenced me during my life in such a large way. I didn’t even realized it until the time came for me to step into her well worn travel shoes on my first “solo” trip–France. I’ll leave the rest of this story up to the video!

I have really enjoyed exploring my own narrative of why-I-am-the-way-I-am with our digital stories, but I have relished in interacting with the two people who have helped me the most. Mo is always a hoot-and-a-half and was unreal to watch a women look back through her life and all… But Rachel Jackson is my cup of tea. Not only did we run twenty+ minutes over our recording time for the video’s audio because we couldn’t stop laughing at each other, but we both love fun patterns and getting way too excited about everything. Although she actually taught me a lot of useful video production skills, our spirits vibe like a stereo blasting rock music.

I wouldn’t have conceived the ideas behind this project without Mo, nor have been able to (mediocrely) assemble and enjoy doing it half as much without Rachel. Thanks for the fun and friendship, ladies!

One thought to “Mo’ Mo & a Soul Sister”

  • Alex Moore

    I absolutely loved your video! It was so amazing to see the parallels between your travels and your grandmothers travels. It’s obvious that you adore her and I love that you all have the love of travel to connect you two. I also love how you moved away from her story and told yours, especially when you were in the French Monastery. It was cool to see you not only learn about French culture there but also the culture of other people living visiting there from other countries.


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