I Have Missed You.

Tonight was the night. I have talked about it for months, have based life-long plans on it, and even managed to convince my parents that three minors and spending a year abroad is a good idea because of it. I had my first true encounter with Arabic! This evening I went to the Arabic Flagship Talent … [Read more…]

Capoeira & Me

January 12th, 2017 That Rochina Capoeira lesson was really, really cool to me. In the beginning I was really embarrassed and nervous. The first warm-up was running for Pete’s sake—that’s one of the only things I have never been able to do, especially without my lift! But as we went on through the lesson and … [Read more…]

Home & Reflection

January 11th, 2017 It’s officially the end. I’m at home coughing by brains out, praying I won’t  herniate another disk because of it, heating the bejeebies out of my wildly congested ear, typing away with a TV on and a MacBook Pro on my lap, a sweater on my body, heat on in my big-ass … [Read more…]

Lookin’ Back

January 10th, 2017 I’m back at home in Ardmore, Oklahoma. I’m huddling inside not because of the blistering sun and sweltering heat I had become so accustomed to, but because I have come down with a gnarly cold. My left ear still hasn’t popped after a three plane flights, a Muscinex, and half a day … [Read more…]

Journeying Home

January 9th, 2017 Still sitting across from John in the airport in Rio. He’s on two phones right now and that is a little confusing. Maybe the little one without a case is the one he used while he was staying down here (in Brazil) by himself? I haven’t seen him whip out the blue … [Read more…]

More Photo Thoughts & Headin’ Home

January 8th, 2017 How is documentary photography any different from other careers that do indeed capitalize on other aspects of life? If capitalizing on other people’s varying degrees of life is wrong, why is it okay to write anthropological books? Both documentary photographers and anthropological writers critically document the world around them. And as far … [Read more…]


January 7th, 2017 I’m lying in bed in the middle of the afternoon for the first time on this trip (it’s actually the 10th though). I’m tired, but not just physically. My throat isn’t sore, but the muscles under my tongue are tight. I asked the all-knowing John for his opinion on the matter. He … [Read more…]